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Happiness List #36

  • the prevalence of optimism
  • comic book balloons or speech bubbles
  • today
  • discovering something new about something familiar
  • picking out a good puppy
  • slurping milk from the cereal bowl
  • ice cream topped with M&Ms
  • spitting seeds out of watermelon
  • a pencil when you’ve got an idea
  • going to the mailbox
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Happiness List #35

  • the toothless grin of a baby
  • western sundowns
  • writing on a clipboard
  • the personality of a room
  • sunshine coming through the window
  • the voice of a good friend on the telephone
  • brownie with ice cream
  • the sun setting over the water
  • thinking of names for pets
  • all the metaphors that gardens are
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Happiness List #34

  • feeling the sun flush your cheeks
  • the overwhelming desire to pop someone’s bubble-gum bubble
  • the big slide
  • falling asleep on the ride home
  • writing a message in code
  • monkeys wearing pants
  • assorted cheese and crackers
  • buying books
  • writing in the sand
  • a place of peace
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Happiness List #33

  • learning about the different continents, civilizations, and customs
  • a child’s first poem
  • swinging back into childhood
  • guaranteed reservations
  • thinking about your first kiss or love letter
  • waiting for the fireworks to begin
  • a baby crawling to you
  • a teacher who exudes the joy of learning
  • trying different barbecue sauces
  • the simplicity of milk
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Happiness List #32

  • staying up so late that everything becomes funny
  • skewers
  • relishing your long-term memories
  • ignoring gossip
  • browsing for greeting cards
  • going to church on Christmas eve
  • all of the happiness in the world coming from thinking of others
  • hedgehogs
  • hammocks
  • laughter being good for the soul
  • a box of Cheerios
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Happiness List #31

  • tubs of ice cream
  • the prospect of learning
  • propping your feet
  • the winning touchdown
  • tic-tac-toe in the sand
  • sending a bottle with a message inside
  • putting on floral socks
  • wearing a bright color on a rainy day
  • deciding to turn off the TV
  • a picnic in a tree house
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Day #10: A Youtube video that makes you happy.

Happiness, according to the Peanuts characters… :)

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Day #9: A site that makes you happy

For my daily dose of Peanuts…

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Day #8: Something you found when searching “happiness” on Tumblr.


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Day #6: A picture of someone famous smiling


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